Customer Reviews

“This is the best wine and Champagne preservation
solution I have encountered since my hospitality
career began back in 1979. So simple, so obvious… I
have installed it in most of our restaurants”

Gerard Margeon Head Sommelier - Alain Ducasse Group

"At Gaucho's we pride ourselves in offering our guests an experience to remember, from excellent service, the best aged beef available, or our secret chimmichurri sauce to the freshest seafood.  So when it comes guaranteeing the freshness of our 16 still & 4 sparklings wines for sale by the glass we rely on the very best Le Verre de Vin, ensuring they reach our guests as fresh as the wine maker intended

Tony Puntureri - Owner  Gaucho's Argentinian Restaurant  Adelaide

I have tested the Verre de Vin sparkling wine preservation unit over a series of wines. My tests were to open sparkling wines, then reseal them, and continuously re-taste them after closure with Verre de Vin seals during seven days. The results were strongly positive for the system as sparkling wines under this system retain strong gas pressure, bead and freshness. This apparatus is a very positive utensil for restaurants and bars serving a wide range of sparklings which become ullaged at the end of service; thus reducing pouring losses. Test a unit today for yourself to verify.

 Peter Scudamore-Smith  -  Master of Wine

 I’m just writing to let you know how pleased we are with our Le Verre de Vin and to thank you for your help in introducing us to the system.  As you know, we had our concerns about the logistics of operating a cellar door for 14 different producers while we were building it and, since the tasting samples we supply are not produced by us, we must be careful to make the most out of those that we have available. At the same time, it is imperative that the tasting sample that we pour for our visitor is fresh and free from oxidation – otherwise we do no favours for our visitor, ourselves or the winery whose wine we are representing. We cannot afford to compromise the wine or the taster’s experience in order to avoid opening a fresh bottle.

 From the tests we have done ourselves, the Le Verre de Vin does indeed extend the lifespan of an open bottle of wine (both still and sparkling) considerably, with negligible evidence of effects of oxygen after almost two weeks. It is highly unlikely that we will ever need to test it to the 21 days advised by Le Verre de Vin as we have sufficient people tasting that the contents are never in there that long!

 I’m pleased by the preservation of the effervescence in the sparkling wines. The split refrigeration unit is a great addition to our cellar door too. The white/sparkling side being set at 10C, chilling the wines enough to be refreshing without masking aromas or flavours, and the louvers positioned to keep the reds at 16C, avoiding any problems associated with Australian summer “room temperature”!

 The Le Verre de Vin offers us peace of mind when opening a bottle of red for the last visitor on Sunday afternoon to sample, that given a quiet week where the bottle remains unfinished, that same wine will still be in pristine condition for the next weekend’s rush.

 As a keen consumer and cellar door visitor myself, it is always surprising to me how many producers pour oxidised samples to their customers. It shows a distinct lack of caring and, whilst the more discerning taster will realise the problem and ask for a fresh sample (and rightly so), the novice wine taster may just assume the wine is poor and that potential client may be lost for ever.

 Glen Ewin Estate has long been a standard bearer for the importance of correct wine storage, being home to South Australia’s longest-established climate controlled private wine storage facility. We are delighted that the Barclay Bar enables us to lead by demonstration in the quest to promote the correct wine service too.

 I would enthusiastically recommend this product for any tasting room. Thank you once again.

 Warm regards Matthew Thomas

Matthew is the owner of winehelp.com.au  A personal sommelier service and advice for the wine lover, on-licence and producer. He was the Cellarmaster of Glen Erwin Estate in the Adelaide Hills when he kindly provided this testimonial