Stoppers, Gas & Parts

Please note: all still wine and champagne stoppers are manufactured to our specification. Performance of our preservation systems will be impaired if used with any other type of stopper.

Champagne Stoppers

BC00/4  Stoppers for champagne and sparkling wine bottles - boxes of 3

Narrow Champagne Stoppers

BC00/4N  Stoppers customised to fit elegant narrow necked champagne bottles eg. Krug and Dom Perignon - boxes of 3

Screw Cap Still Wine Stopper

BC00/3S  Still wine stoppers made wider to suit wider bottle necks of screw cap bottles - boxes of 10 

To differentiate them from our standard stopper, stoppers for screw top bottles are now purple

Still Wine Stopper - Cork Sealed Bottles

BC00/3  Standard still wine stoppers to suit cork sealed wine bottles - boxes of 20 

Mini CO2 cylinder

SS07   Mini 400 gram CO2 cylinders are an alternative to larger CO2 cylinders, particularly great if spare is tight.   These cylinders give approximately 400 reseals and when empty can be swapped at BigW and KMart for full cylinders

Adapter required to fit these cylinders to standard CO2 regulator - see below

Adapter Mini CO2

SS01   Adapter for standard CO2 regulator to take mini CO2 cylinders

Preset CO2 Regulator & Tubing

These preset CO2 regulators and tubing are ready for use with Le Verre de Vin dual preservation systems

Le Verre de Vin & Pod Bar Parts

We stock a full range of parts for Le Verre de Vin and Pod Bar systems

Please contact us for details  info@bermar.com.au   or   0418 887 540