Le Verre de Vin

Features of our systems?

Wine Preservation

Still wines and champagnes are preserved for up to 21 days after opening

Fortifieds are preserved for many times their normal open life

Preserve an unlimited amount of open still, sparkling & fortified wines

Quick to Use

Still wine preservation takes 2 - 5 seconds

Sparkling wine/champagne preservation takes 2 - 4 seconds

Pour a glass directly from the original wine/champagne bottle

Simple Operation

Automated preservation process includes automatic shut off

Lights that guide the user during preservation and completion

No cleaning required when starting a new bottle


Engineered to operate in busy commerical environments

Robustly constructed systems that are fully enclosed in a solid metal housing

Built in the UK by the designers to ensure build standards remain high 

Low Running Cost

Small amount of power and CO2 used costing a fraction of a cent

No expensive argon gases are utilised

Low Maintenace

No laborious cleaning required as wine never enters the system

Precision engineered systems which are designed for long service and low maintenace 

Clever Design

Still wines/champagnes preserved by one system

Compact models allow placement near service area

Bottles are not captured by the system, allowing wine to be poured directly into the glass

Model to Suit

Range of models ensure a Le Verre de Vin will fit your bar, without a needing a refit

Choice of still wine, sparkling wine or dual preservation models

Portable option that can move where you need it

Scalable refrigeration cabinets which integrate with Le Verre de Vin Tower systems