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Established in 2006 as the exclusive importer of the UK designed and hand built Le Verre de Vin wine and champagne preservation systems. 

Why get involved with wine preservation systems?

After 20 years in the Australian wholesale wine industry working in three states and two national roles it was clear there was a major opportunity / problem facing Australian winemakers and on premise venues (restaurants, hotels, clubs and pubs). 

The Opportunity? Premium wine by the glass sales 

Then and now we have a large expanding base of educated wine consumer with a growing appetite for champagne and premium still & sparkling wines. I have heard clever marketers describe educated wine consumers as 'promiscuity', that is they drink across a large selection of brands, styles, varietals, regions and price points depending on occasion, mood, weather and company. Gladly this lead to the timely death of one house red & white being the only wines available by the glass. Australian wine consumers have spoken!

Majority of on premise operators responded to the opportunity by offering larger selection of good quality and higher end wines by the glass. Everyone wants to maximise the profit a large premium wine by the glass list can deliver, they also want to keep their educated wine customer interested so they don't go elsewhere for their fix, maybe losing them forever.

Expanded wine by the glass lists were here to stay along with the opportunity for increased profits for winemakers and on premise venues alike, except for one problem.

The Problem? Keeping open wines fresh...

How do you manage a wine by the glass list, without:
  • Losing thousands of $'s in wine wastage a year
  • Losing tens of thousands of $'s in potential 'by the glass' sales a year
  • Losing your reputation and repeat business by serving tired wine and flat fizz to your hard won customers

Options to guarantee the freshness of this expanded range of wine by the glass?
  1. Throw spoiled wine down the drain (Can all your staff can recognise a wine is past its prime?...)
  2. Risk the venues reputation by serving tired wines and flat fizz
  3. Reduce your 'by the glass' offer, reducing your profit opportunity
  4. Invest in professional* wine preservation
* 'Professional' wine preservation is code for something that works. If you are using or considering homey gadgets like hand held pumps, sprays & floating mats for still wines and clamp stoppers and the good old fork for champagne/sparkling wines you are actually taking option 2.

In search for the ideal *professional wine preservation system.

Inert gas style
Over the years I had encountered various still wine only preservation systems that use the wine bottle like a keg, attaching the bottle to the system by tube and pushing an inert gas into the bottle pouring the wine out through a tap. In general they don't do a bad job, but...
  • No champagne/sparkling wine preservation (why miss the profit opportunity)
  • Systems can be big, where do you put a system big enough to service a decent by the glass list? or do you reduce the size of your by the glass list to suit the limitations of the system?...
  • Slow to pour, during busy times they take some time to pour a glass. Three glasses could be poured in the same time direct from a bottle.
  • Poor presentation, I could be accused of being old fashioned but I expect to see premium wine poured from its own bottle. Not pushed through straw, nozzle or tap. 
  • Too much cleaning. I remember being at a prominent Sydney venue that devoted most of the bar and half the restaurant to a system(ok I exaggerate, but you get the idea). They reportedly had spent over $40k on several systems to preserve just 32 wines (no champagne). There with a mate on a busy Friday afternoon we ordered 2 glasses of a Clare Valley Riesling, the first one took a while to arrive and we were advised they were out and to select wine another fair enough. We did and that wine took some time to land, but we were entertained watching the lovely barman cleaning the tube that went into the bottle before putting it into the new bottle... Imagine having to do that on a busy night, we could have had two or three glasses each in that time.  

Beer Taps
I am not going to spend much time covering pouring wine through beer taps, having spent the first five years of my career with Bernie Power at Power Brewing I love beer taps. They are great for pouring beer, all types of beer! As discussed above educated wine consumers want a diverse selection of wines, not one or two poured from beer taps.

Homey Gadgets
Despite an upfront prejudice against theses we looked at a myriad of hand held wine preservation gadgets from $5 to $500 and bottom line is they just don't work. One released recently is more effective than the others but its too slow, fiddly, expensive per glass to operate in a professional environment and again no champagne/sparkling wine preservation.

Key Criteria
As a result of seeing a million things we did not like we developed a set of key criteria for the ideal professional wine preservation system.
  • Preserves open champagne/sparkling wines and still wines for at least 10 days
  • Preserves a lot of open bottles from one system
  • Compact enough to fit into existing bar layout without refit
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost to operate given high numbers of glasses sold
  • Robust enough to withstand use in a commercial situation
  • Proven to work
  • Affordable 

Why Le Verre de Vin?

My first introduction to Le Verre de Vin was by Johnny a mate from a famous long time Brisbane restaurant family who waxed lyrically: These system preserve still wines & champagne, as many bottles as I want from one system, they are quick & simple to use and cost virtually nothing to run. Its hard not to take notice when Johnny talks, other than being very persuasive he has been around successful restaurants since before he could walk. Run a few of his own, now back running the family business and he wasn't trying to sell me anything just sharing his experience as a Le Verre De Vin user.

My second introduction was a rather luxurious at the Park Hyatt Vendome-Paris, while my bride indulged in a super fresh flute of Cristal, I reveled in a similarly fresh flute of Krug. Having experienced too many half flat to flat flutes of champagne over the years, I wondered if we could have been lucky enough to get the first flutes out of two new prestige bottles... I asked our server and he explained they have a machine that keeps the champagne fresh for weeks, after sneaking out the back I found a Le Verre de Vin on the wall and my answer.

Further research
Showed Le Verre de Vin technology delivered on all of our criteria: 
  • Preserving champagne/sparkling and still wines for up to 21 days
  • Unlimited bottles from one system
  • Compact range of systems, some the size of a shoe box
  • Quick to use operating in 2 to 5 seconds
  • Semi automatic with auto shut off and lights telling staff when complete 
  • No cleaning except a weekly rinse of bottle stoppers
  • Less than a cent per preservation
  • Hand made in the UK by the company that invented the system
  • Ten plus year old systems still operating in the UK 
  • Tested by a number of Champagne houses 
  • Although not cheap it pays for itself quickly

Final Test
While still working for a major Australian wine company we sent a Le Verre de Vin system to the winery for a full work out.  A few months later Russell sent us the results:

Still Wines
  • 8 hours without preservation still wines no longer represented the wine that the wine maker made. That is not to say they were dangerous to consume, just dull, boring, dead and plain uninteresting. 
  • 21 days after preservation with Le Verre de Vin the wines were still enjoyable
  • Based on the tasting done on the wines during the 21 day periods the normal open bottle ageing process was slowed down from hours to 21 days.

Sparkling Wines
  • 2 hours without preservation sparkling wines no longer represented the wine that the wine maker made. Again not to say they were dangerous to consume, just flat, dull, boring ... 
  • 21 days after preservation with Le Verre de Vin the sparkling wines were vibrant, fizzy and enjoyable.
  • Again based on the tasting done on the sparkling wines during the 21 day periods the normal open bottle ageing process in this case the loss of fizz was slowed down from hours to 21 days.

Solution Found
Le Verre de Vin technology lets on premise operators offer are large selection of premium champagne/sparkling and still wines by the glass. Without the worry of waste, risk of serving a bad glass and allows them to leverage limited release ultra premium wines to drive PR for their business.  

This has driven Le Verre de Vin to be the first choice for On Premise operators globally, with 45,000 customers in 82 countries who served over $3billion in wine last year. 

On Premise Goal
Is to work with more on premise venues every year to guarantee the freshness of their wine by the glass offer and helping them maximising their wine profits by sharing a simple recipe put together from working with customers.

Cellar Doors 
With the continued growth in wine tourism we have an expanding number of forward thinking cellar doors joining the Le Verre de Vin family.

Cellar doors have exaggerating the need for professional wine preservation with huge tasting volumes over the weekend followed by 5 days of reduced visitors numbers.

The whole point of operating a cellar door is to taste wines at their best, to generate immediate sales and to build brand loyalty through long term customers. The thought of pouring a wine that is not at its best to a potential customer is crazy, you wont deliver anything in the short term and are you actually destroying long term brand value?

I can only imagine tipping your hard toil down the drain in the form of wine wastage must be heart breaking. Professional wine preservation will enable you achieve your short and long term goals without wasting precious wine.

Liquor Stores
Wines tasting a great way to sell premium wines and Pod Bar's with their integrated preservation and refrigeration make a great in store focal point and tasting station. 
With the addition of our new self contained Portable Tower Le Verre de Vin system and we have the perfect edition of the home wine cellar. Taste a range of wines at any one time, enjoy a special bottle over a few days or longer.

Supply & Service
We supply systems and ancillaries Australia Wide with technicians in all capitals and many regional areas to help with installation and service.  

Bermar International

In the early nineties wine by the glass was, for the most part, a neglected area of drinks service. At the time wine preservation was unheard of and perhaps understandable operators had largely discarded wine by the glass initiatives for fear of incurring expensive wastage or the wrath of a an unhappy customer served a wine well past its prime.

Our primary challenge therefore was to instill the concept of wine by the glass. Thankfully we succeeded and Le Verre de Vin technology rapidly became the equipment of choice for operators to overcome their wastage concerns and profit from wine by the glass service.
After fantastic and rapid success in the UK, we soon set about opening up the International markets. We now have an ever increasing International distribution network of 45+ companies covering over 80 countries.

Today, Le Verre de Vin technology remains the world’s number one and is now available in a fantastic range of applications. Over the years we have listened to operators and produced products to satisfy their needs, whether that’s cabinet solutions, modular units, stand alone products or discrete space saving solutions.

We believe the award-winning wine preservation solutions you will find on this website are the best available anywhere in the world. It is our hope that you will ‘shop’ to select the most suitable application of Le Verre de Vin technology for your business and develop your own extended, profitable and quality guaranteed wine by the glass program.


Wine consumption was booming but once you opened a bottle the clock started ticking, 24 hours and it was past its best. This made the sale of wine by the glass something of a conundrum for operators around the world… until we came along.